History Made in Cardano: The Ecosystem’s First Decentralized Oracle Integration With Liqwid Finance

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2 min readApr 9, 2023
Liqwid Finance: A decentralized interest rate protocol for lending on Cardano.

History is Made

History was made in the Cardano ecosystem when Liqwid Finance; a “decentralized interest rate protocol for lending on Cardano,” announced in an update that the team had successfully integrated Charli3 Oracles, the first decentralized oracle dedicated to servicing the Cardano ecosystem.

Liqwid Finance’s latest update will be utilizing Charli3 Oracle’s “oracle price feeds to secure collateral and liquidations in the SHEN market,” with further plans in the future to integrate Charli3 Oracle’s oracle price feeds for the ADA/USD pair as well as many others!

Charli3 Oracle's Co-Founder, Damon Zwarich, highlighted the significance of this integration and applauded the collaborative efforts of both teams; stating “the integration work with Liqwid has been fantastic and professional. This process is the main reason we have CNT aggregation capability so quickly within our node network, due to the consistent work of our talented developers. This work together is exciting for future developments of Liqwid markets and new protocols”

Liqwid Finance also announced that they build off of this historic moment stating that “as the first DeFi protocol to begin building on Cardano and now the first to integrate with a Cardano native decentralized oracle protocol, we aim to set a focus on decentralization and safety for other protocols within the Cardano DeFi ecosystem to follow.”

Charli3 Oracle’s integration with services provided by Liqwid Finance makes it the first time a decentralized oracle has been integrated into a protocol in the ecosystem to provide it with market data, marking yet another historic moment and victory for the Cardano ecosystem and community; and just the beginning of unleashing Charlie3 Oracle’s potential.

Liqwid Labs x Charlie3 Twitter Announcement: Marking a historic moment for Cardano



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