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6 min readAug 26, 2023
Flint: A Cardano Lightwallet

Flint: “Your Friendly Go-To Wallet For DeFi & NFTs”

“Flint is a friendly go-to wallet for DeFi and NFTs. As a light wallet, Flint allows you to easily manage multiple assets from different chains in your browser. With native support for interoperability standards, Flint provides a smooth experience no matter which platform you need to use.”

Developed by DcSpark, Flint is an interoperable Cardano-based lightwallet offering users support to store their assets from ecosystems like Solana, the Milkomeda sidechain, and Algorand. Offering its users a wide array of features, including support for hardware wallets; Flint aims to become the ultimate lightwallet platform for users across all ecosystems.

How To Set Up A Flint Wallet:

Step 1: To begin the process of setting up a Flint wallet on your desktop, head on over to Flint’s Chrome Web Store page to download their extension. Once there, click on the “Add to Chrome” prompt. The Chrome Web Store will then ask you to confirm adding the Flint extension.

Step 1 Graphic

Step 2: Flint will automatically direct you to its extension after downloading it successfully on your browser. Click the “Let’s Begin” prompt to start creating your first Cardano lightwallet with Flint.

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Step 3: After being directed to the next page, you must (a) choose your preferred language, (b) read and accept the Flint Terms and Conditions, and (c) press the “Continue” prompt to move on to the next step.

Step 3 Graphic

Step 4: The Flint platform will then ask if you would share data and analytical information regarding how you use your wallet to “help” them “improve the wallet.” Further information can be found in Flint’s Privacy Policy, and you will be directed to opt-in to share your data or refuse to share yourdata to Flint. To agree and opt-in, click the “I Agree” prompt. If you refuse and wish to opt-out, click the “No Thanks” prompt to move on.

Step 4 Graphic

Step 5: To officially begin the process of creating a lightwallet on Flint, the platform will ask whether or not you wish to create a wallet for the Cardano Mainnet or Cardano Testnet. make sure to click the “Mainnet” prompt.

Step 5 Graphic

Step 6: Flint will then ask whether or not you want to (a) connect a hardware wallet, (b) create an entirely new wallet, or (c) restore a previously used wallet through a secret recovery phrase; you will need to click the “Create a new wallet” prompt to move on to the next step.

Step 6 Graphic

Step 7: After officially beginning the process of creating your Flint lightwallet, the platform will immediately provide your secret recovery phrase for you to store. Please make sure that (a) you write down the entire secret recovery phrase and store it somewhere safe, (b) double-check for spelling errors, and (c) ensure every word in the phrase is written down in the correct order. Once you have properly stored your recovery seed phrase in a secure location, click the “I Saved It” prompt to move onward.

Step 7 Graphic

Step 8: To ensure you have properly stored your recovery seed phrase with the correct words and order, Flint will ask you to confirm your recovery phrase by directing you to fill in four of the 15 words in the phrase randomly removed from the entire phrase.

Step 8 Graphic

Step 9: After moving on to the next part of the set-up process, Flint will ask you to create a wallet password that will be required to send transactions from the lightwallet and interact with DApps (decentralized applications). Create a unique and secure password containing at least 10 characters, confirm the password a second time, and click “Create My Wallet.”

Step 9 Graphic

Step 10: Before fully completing the process, Flint offers its users an extra security measure to prevent a malicious breach of your lightwallet by enabling an optional feature to create an application passcode with the goal of preventing others who have access to your device the ability to interact with your wallet. You have the option to create the passcode, or press skip to complete the process. If you would like to skip creating a passcode, click the “Skip” prompt. If you would like to create a passcode, click the “Next” prompt. For the sake of this tutorial, we will be creating the app passcode for those who may want to utilize this feature.

Step 10 Graphic

Step 11: Once you have clicked the “Next” prompt, you will then be directed to create your four-digit application passcode and confirm the passcode a second time. Create a unique and secure passcode and click the “Confirm” prompt once comfortable with your passcode.

Step 11 Graphic

Step 12: To officially complete the process of setting up your Flint lightwallet after being directed to the final page, click “Finish.”

Step 12 Graphic

Congratulations, You’ve Created A Flint Wallet!

Congratulations on completing the process of creating a Flint Cardano light wallet! You’ve taken a significant step towards harnessing the power of the Cardano blockchain and its innovative features. As you embark on your journey in the Cardano ecosystem, may your experiences be filled with discovery, growth, and success.

Remember, the Cardano community is rich with enthusiasts and experts who are always eager to lend a helping hand. Embrace the learning process, and don’t hesitate to explore the various possibilities that Cardano offers. Whether you’re looking to engage in staking, participate in decentralized applications, or simply stay updated with the latest advancements, your light wallet will be your gateway to a world of opportunities and unique experiences.



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