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4 min readOct 18, 2022


What is Lace?

Lace is an ambitious new project developed by Input Output Global; one of the founding entities of Cardano, to create a lightwallet platform that can onboard millions of users with a much more user-friendly and empowering experience in contrast to the present-day solutions.

With decades of development experience along with a plethora of resources and financial capital, Input Output Global has been quite unsurprisingly praised for its efforts in making Lace one of the most notable contenders at building a light wallet that could be utilized by the entire Web3 community. (The ultimate vision for Lace is to become chain-agnostic and usable for users on any blockchain.)

Charles Hoskinson; Founder of Cardano and CEO of IOG, discusses the ambitions of Lace Wallet at its debut.

What Does Lace Offer?

As mentioned above, Lace intends to offer a plethora of services that allow utilities to make the user experience friendlier and simpler no matter your ambitions within the realm of Web3. Whether you are looking to navigate through the NFT space or access the thousands of DApps available, Lace intends to offer a “one-stop-shop” for all aspects of the crypto space.

“Lace brings together a wealth of Web3 features, from managing digital assets, to accessing NFTs, DApps, and DeFi services, so you can discover and enjoy a new world of digital experiences.” — Official Lace Wallet Website

Lace intends to be far more than simply a wallet for your assets, offering services to easily stake your ADA and engage in the Cardano network with its revolutionary Lace DApp Connector. From being able to save your frequently used wallet addresses and access them with just a few clicks,

Lace also boasts immense security for hardware wallet integration and is verified and audited by an independent external auditor called Fyeo to ensure the security of their users day in and day out.

One of the most revolutionary aspects of Lace as well is its bundling of transactions allowing users to send multiple types of assets to a number of users all inside one transaction reducing transaction fees and network congestion for the betterment of the entire ecosystem.

Lace also has future initiatives to offer support for identity and voting mechanisms on Cardano, which have often been described as one of the founding pillars to secure personal data and empower users over corporations in a decentralized fashion. Their initiatives at supporting identity and personal data management along with voting and registration will be completed through future integrations with Atala Prism and Project Catalyst.

The IOG team has also discussed future iterations may include integration with EVM sidechains which would allow Ethereum developers to harness the power of Cardano as well as integrations with Hydra to allow a more “scalable and cost-efficient transaction processing.” (Hryniuk)

How Does Lace Differ From Daedalus?

This new project taken on by IOG aims to solve a lot of the problems and flaws of its predecessor; Daedalus, a full-node desktop wallet. Daedalus is a wallet sponsored by IOG to develop a wallet that fully synchronizes with the entire blockchain’s history, serving as one of the most secure options mainly utilized by those more familiar with the network than those being onboarded for the first time.

Daedalus suffers from mass onboarding due to the massive amount of resources it consumes, its limited access being a desktop-only wallet, and the mere time it takes to synch an entire copy of the blockchain. These issues deter those being onboarded to the network for the first time as well as those who require quick access to their funds due to the immense volatility of assets in the ecosystem.

Those who do not have a powerful PC can not even access a wallet like Daedalus along with the fact that it is not mobile-friendly which becomes one of the largest deterrents to millions of future users. As Cardano reaches mainstream demographics, especially those that preside in developing nations; an alternative that consumes fewer resources, offers quicker access to a users’ funds, and offers a user-friendly experience, is demonstrably required and needed.

Lace aims to combat all the issues of its predecessor with the plethora of amazing services highlighted above as well as its amazing security and resource-efficient initiatives that allow Lace to truly become a contender for the ultimate destination of Web3 as a whole.

Lace: Bringing the World Together on Web3

With all of these combined services and utilities, Lace can truly become the ultimate hub for all aspects of Web3 and more importantly all aspects of Cardano. With added security measures to protect your assets day or night, user-friendly tools to help you easily navigate through the network, and services to reduce network congestions and your costs for engaging in the network. From delegating to a staking pool to navigating through the Network, Lace aims to offer everything you need to be a part of this revolution known as Web3.



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