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The Cardano Times: About Us

The Cardano Times aims to be both a blog site informing you on a wide spectrum of news regarding the entire Cardano ecosystem. Whether it is about discussing updates from Charles Hoskinson and the IOHK/Cardano Foundation team, news about amazing Cardano Projects in the ecosystem, new technological information and updates, and a wide variety of both fundamental and technical analysis. Our mission is to inform all Cardano enthusiasts, skeptics, and investors alike of what is occurring on the Cardano Blockchain and Ecosystem. Whether you want to learn about native tokens or Cardano NFT projects, The Cardano Times is the place for you.

The Cardano Times: Blog Page on

The Cardano Times blog page is exclusively on and aims to provide all of the fundamental and technical analysis and a broad spectrum of news, ideas, perspectives, projects in the ecosystem, and so much more. The Cardano Times believes strongly in Cardano and its potential as a revolutionary cryptocurrency aiming to destroy its predecessor Ethereum.

We aim to provide you fresh perspectives, fresh news, and fresh ideas all happening in the Cardano ecosystem. Thank you for joining us on our journey and joining the Cardano community even if you do not hold Cardano in your wallets, we appreciate each and everyone of our viewers!

Come back to our page to learn more about the Cardano Ecosystem and why it is leading the crypto market as one of the top performing cryptocurrencies as well as one of the most technologically advanced cryptocurrencies. Whether you’re a total newbie to the crypto space or even just unaware of Cardano, this is the place for you to immerse yourself in every aspect of the Cardano Ecosystem.

The Cardano Times: The Everything Cardano Podcast Series

The Cardano Times has also released a podcast series hosted by mxm.cardano; the founder of The Cardano Times. In this podcast, you’ll tune in to interviews, newest updates, and a wide variety of differing perspectives and projects to allow you to fully grasp the entirety of the Cardano Blockchain. We know reading articles that can last up to 20 minutes is a much more unpleasant experience compared to processing that information in a fun auditory manner. Request to join on the show for an interview about your project, or just tune in to learn more about the Cardano Blockchain.

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The Cardano Times aims to provide an abundance of information, perspectives, and exclusive interviews to help make your journey into the Cardano Community and the ecosystem a much for feasible experience!

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Terms of Services:

The Cardano Times does not serve as a source of financial and/or investing advice, rather we aim to provide education and news about the Cardano ecosystem. Please do your own research, come to your own conclusions, and/or consult with a financial advisor before investing. We are not responsible for any losses and/or gains made with projects/cryptocurrencies/and NFT’s mentioned on our page. We aim to educate you on the technology and the ecosystem around Cardano, not sell you a futile course to make alleged millions. By reading our articles you are hereby agreeing that The Cardano Times is not responsible for your investment decisions and/or outcomes. We will never sell your personal information, we will never promote NFT Projects, Native Tokens, and/or Cryptocurrencies in sponsorships or partnerships, and we never provide financial advice suggesting you to invest in a certain manner or discuss price movements and targets. The Cardano Times aims to provide the right to education for all who plan to enter the Cardano Community to help them learn and immerse themselves into the ecosystem with a more feasible experience.

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