Wild Tangz: Orangutans and Utility

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3 min readNov 28, 2022

An overview of the Wild Tangz NFT project offering an abundance of utility to its holders with open-source tools on the Cardano blockchain.

Developers and Utility on Cardano

Cardano has oftentimes been praised for its technological superiorities; and furthermore, developers who have been able to harness the power of the Cardano blockchain have oftentimes been praised for their efforts just the same.

For an alleged “ghostchain” as described by critics of the Cardano ecosystem, there are an abundance of developers and projects building amazing tools for the entire ecosystem to enjoy in user-friendly and efficient mechanisms.

From the very beginning of the Cardano NFT space, developers have been at the forefront of building this ecosystem up to its fullest potential. And even now we have witnessed some amazing projects and developers build great tools for the entire community to utilize, among them is Thaddeus Diamond and the Wild Tangz NFT project.

What is Wild Tangz?

Wild Tangz is an NFT collection of 4,444 “hand-drawn, unique, orangutan NFTs” that offer holders access to a plethora of tools created by the project’s team. Although there are a plethora of primate-based collections, the art finds itself immensely unique from its predecessors and counterparts with a cartoonish personified look for the orangutans.

Although the art may be the initial introduction to this project for many who first explore it, Wild Tangz aims to be a utility-based project offering its holders access to a multitude of tools and DApps. Dedicated to transparency, the team has even made all of the code for their tools open-sourced and publicly available on their GitHub repository.
(Wild Tangz’ Github Repository Linked Here )

List of Wild Tangz Utility, Partnerships, and Values

The aforementioned utility behind these orangutans is access to an abundance of great services and tools for those engaging in the Cardano ecosystem. From a mobile application with widgets allowing holders to view their NFTs from their mobile device to a chrome extension enabling holders to sweep multiple NFTs in one transaction.

Here is a list of some of the great tools they offer;
-1-of-1 Minting Service
-Mobile Application with Widgets
-Twitter NFT Sales/Listing Bot
-JavaScript Cardano Decentralized Application
-On-Chain Voting (CIP-71)
-NFT Sweeper Chrome Extension
-Browser-Based Vending Machine
-NFT Burning Service
(To learn more about Wild Tangz services, visit The Book of Tangz)

Owning a Wild Tangz NFT is a gateway to being able to access a multitude of great services that one might find useful to mint pieces of art they have designed, set up a sales tracking Twitter bot for their collection, or build their very own Cardano DApp; Wild Tangz aims to be the ultimate Cardano Hub, and frankly, many people are beginning to agree.

Whether an individual owns a project based on the Cardano blockchain or they simply utilize the ecosystem frequently; Wild Tangz may become a project that they simply don’t just want, but need.



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